New Iglú

The New Andorran Inspiration.

Like every season, this year we have rebuilt the Iglú Hotel, unique in southern Europe. A great tourist attraction that you can enjoy in the Grau Roig sector from Grandvalira.
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A Place of Legend

Every year the interior of the Iglú Hotel dresses with different images, and this year they are based on mythological beings and legends of the world. In the case of the Iglú hall, the design is based on the SIMIOT and the forests, the place where almost all the Andorra’s legends occur.

What is an SIMIOT?

An SIMIOT is, according to the mythology of the Catalan Pyrenees, a savage and malignant man who, according to the legend, caused crop damage and attacked animals and humans. This being lived hidden in the Valle del Tec (Vallespir), in the Pyrenean forests, and he was fed on fruit.

Built at 2,350 meters height, January snowfalls have allowed the creation of this hotel with five rooms. The rooms at the Iglú Hotel are approximately 20m2 and are equipped with everything you need for a unique night. Also, you can enjoy the Jacuzzi and a snowshoe exit after climbing the Hotel, if you wish.