Discover the Mountain aboard a Sledge

Place yourself in the hands of our experts and discover the forests of Grandvalira, unforgettable places with which you will be surprised.

Control the Rhythm

If you wish, you can be the one to control the pace and manage the sledge during the trip, enjoying an unrepeatable experience and perceiving all the energy transmitted by our guide dogs.

Meet our Dog Guides

From the very beginning of this experience, you will be in contact with the dogs that will guide you through the best trails of the Grandvalira woods. If you are passionate about the snow, you will feel like a real musher moving through the snow.

The best walks, with the best companions

The perfect trip for animal and snowy forests lovers. Glide down a sledge pulled by dogs and ready to make you feel the best experience. Activity performed in Grandvalira Mountain Park, located in the Grau Roig sector. Sledges have a seating capacity for 3 adults or up to 4 people combining adults and children.

Types of journeys Rates
2 km adult ride 50 €
3 km adult ride 70 €
5 km adult ride 90 €
2 km children ride (1 to 12 years old) 40 €
3 km children ride (1 to 12 years old) 60 €
5 km children ride (1 to 12 years old) 80 €
Driving 2 Km (adults only) 70 €